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Free Domain Registration

Domain registration involves securing a unique web address (domain name) for your website and email. It establishes your online identity, enhances credibility, and enables customers to find you easily. Registering a domain is essential for building a professional online presence.

  • Secure your online identity and establish a professional presence with domain registration.

  • Choose and register a unique domain name for your website, email, and branding purposes.

  • A globe with a check mark, symbolising the global reach and verification of domain registration.

DDS4U Business Plan Offers you free domain registration 

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Free-Domain-Registration Free-Domain-Registration

Free Web Hosting

Web hosting is the service that allows individuals and organisations to make their websites accessible via the World Wide Web. It involves storing website files on a server connected to the internet, ensuring continuous availability and accessibility to visitors.

  • Ensure your website is accessible to visitors 24/7 with web hosting.

  • Store website files on a server connected to the internet.

  • Server racks or a globe representing online presence.

  • Australia Based Local Servers

DDS4U Business Plan Offers you Free Web Hosting 

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Free-Web-Hosting Free-Web-Hosting

Email Id's

Email ID's, or email addresses, are unique identifiers used for sending and receiving electronic messages over the internet. Comprising a username and domain name, they enable communication between individuals and organisations worldwide, facilitating correspondence, information exchange, and business communication in a convenient and efficient manner.

  • Facilitate convenient and efficient communication via electronic messages with email IDs.

  • Comprise a unique combination of username and domain name for sending and receiving emails.

  • Envelope symbol or "@" symbol representing email correspondence.

DDS4U Business Plan Offers 3 Business email id's to communicate effectively.

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email-ids email-ids

Instant Sub-Domain

A sub-domain concept involves creating separate sections or branches under a main domain name, allowing for better organisation and categorization of content. It enables users to create distinct web addresses for specific purposes or departments while maintaining a cohesive overall website structure.

  • Enhance organisation and structure by creating separate sections under a main domain.

  • Utilise distinct web addresses for specific purposes or departments within a website.

  • An interconnected hierarchy of domains, symbolising the structured sub-domain concept for better content categorization.

DDS4U Business Plan Offers instant subdomain on your choice after configuring your settings

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Instant-sub-domain Instant-sub-domain

Sub-Domain Redirection

Subdomain redirection involves directing visitors from one subdomain to another. It enables seamless navigation and access to relevant content, services, or resources hosted on different sub-domains within the same domain, enhancing user experience and optimising website functionality.

  • Seamlessly guide visitors from one subdomain to another for improved navigation.

  • Automatically redirect users to relevant content or services hosted on different sub-domains within the same domain.

  • Arrows connecting sub-domains, symbolising the redirection of visitors between different sections of a website.

DDS4U Business Plan Offers instant sub-domain redirection to your newly registered Domain.

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sub-domain-redirection sub-domain-redirection