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Self Registration

Self Registration Process" allows users to create accounts independently without administrative assistance. Users provide necessary information, such as Mobile Number and OTP, and complete registration steps autonomously. This streamlines the account creation process and empowers users to access services or platforms quickly and efficiently.

  • Empowers users to create accounts independently.

  • Allows users to provide necessary information and complete registration steps autonomously.

  • Key and registration form symbolising self-registration within software applications or systems.

DDS4U enables all users to enjoy the benefits & usage by self registration.

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Self Registration Process Self Registration Process

Agreement on Org Level

Refers to a feature where an agreement or terms of use is applied to all users within a particular organisation. This feature streamlines the process of obtaining agreement or consent from segmented users, making it easier for organisations to manage and enforce policies. The agreement is typically displayed during the login process or as part of a user's profile, and applies to all users within the organisation. This feature provides a simple and efficient way to ensure that all users are aware of and comply with the set of policies.

  • Standardised agreements across organisations.

  • Agreement management at organisational level for users.

  • Document with organisation logos symbolising unified agreement management within software applications or systems.

DDS4U Offers to digitally accept the agreements with everyone.

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agreement-on-org-level-for-all-users agreement-on-org-level-for-all-users

Auto Allocation of Jobs

Maximise efficiency and reduce workload with an auto-allocation of jobs platform. Automatically distribute tasks to the right team members based on skills, availability, and priorities. Say goodbye to manual allocation and hello to increased productivity, improved accuracy, and reduced errors with a cutting-edge auto-allocation platform. Streamline your operations and take your business to the next level with the power of automation.

  • Streamline job assignment processes.

  • Automatically assign tasks based on predefined criteria.

  • Arrows or gears symbolising automated job allocation within software applications or systems.

DDS4U Platform Enables Efficiency in Allocation of Jobs.

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Auto-allocation-of-Jobs Auto-allocation-of-Jobs

Broadcasting of Jobs

Improve workforce utilisation with the power of broadcasting unallocated jobs. Quickly and easily broadcast job openings to your entire team, allowing them to take on additional work as needed. Maximise productivity, reduce downtime, and keep your business running smoothly with this innovative broadcasting platform. Empower your team to work smarter, not harder, with the power of unallocated job broadcasting.

  • Reach a wider audience for job opportunities.

  • Share job openings across multiple contractors.

  • Megaphone or broadcast tower symbolising the dissemination of job opportunities within software applications or systems.

Utilise the Broadcasting Feature with DDS4U - AI Platform.

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Broadcasting-of-jobs Broadcasting-of-jobs

Confirmations of All Activities

"Stay Connected & On Top of Your Business: Get Instant Confirmations of All CRM Activities via Email & Push Notifications. Never Miss a Beat!" "Confirmation of All Activities" refers to the process of verifying and validating every task or action performed within a system or organisation. This ensures that all activities are completed as intended, helping to maintain accuracy, accountability, and compliance with established procedures and standards.

  • Enhanced accuracy, accountability, and compliance.

  • Verification and validation of all tasks or actions.

  • Checkmark symbolising confirmation and completion of activities within software applications or systems.

DDS4U Platform Offers confirmation activities of your business.

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confirmations-of-all-activities confirmations-of-all-activities

Auto Invoicing

Your billing process with the auto invoicing feature. Save time and increase accuracy by automatically generated invoices based on orders or service bookings. Simplify your billing process and eliminate manual errors with this convenient and efficient invoicing solution. Experience effortless invoicing and a hassle-free billing process, and focus on growing your business.

  • Streamline invoice generation processes.

  • Automatically generate invoices based on predefined criteria.

  • Invoice document or dollar sign symbolising automated invoicing within software applications or systems.

Enjoy the Benefits of DDS4U Auto Invoicing Feature.

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Auto-invoicing Auto-invoicing

Auto Receipts

Effortlessly generate receipts for your customers with the auto receipts generation feature. Save time, reduce errors and improve customer satisfaction with automatically generated receipts. Streamline your billing process, eliminate manual labour, and provide professional and organised receipts to your customers. Experience seamless and efficient receipts generation with this valuable feature, and enhance the customer experience with ease.

  • Streamline payment confirmation processes.

  • Automatically generate receipts upon payment completion.

  • Receipt document or checkmark symbolising automated receipt generation within software applications or systems.

Enjoy the Benefits of DDS4U Auto Receipts Generation Feature.

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Auto-receipts Auto-receipts

Auto Settlement Invoice Generation - RCTI

"Auto Settlement Invoices" automate the generation of invoices for your contractors. This feature facilitates timely billing by creating invoices automatically once payments are settled, streamlining the invoicing process and ensuring accurate record-keeping within organisations.

  • Streamlines payment process for contractors.

  • Automatic generation of invoices upon settlement.

  • Invoice document with contractor symbol representing automated billing for contractor services within software applications or systems.

DDS4U Offers Auto settlement invoices generation as per configuration in settings.

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auto-settlement auto-settlement

Feedback by Customers

Get real-time insights into customer satisfaction with our "Feedback by customers" feature. Quickly gather valuable insights to improve your services, create loyal customers, and drive growth. Experience a seamless process of capturing customer feedback and making data-driven improvements.

  • Improve service quality and customer satisfaction.

  • Gather input and opinions directly from customers.

  • Speech bubble with a checkmark symbolising customer feedback within software applications or systems.

DDS4U Offers individual service level Feedback as per your requirements

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feedback-by-customers feedback-by-customers

Offers to Display on Top

Grand offers,  promotions or discounts can be displayed on CRM & website, at the top of the page.. These offers segmentation are designed to grab the customer's attention and entice them to make a purchase. By showcasing the best deals upfront, businesses hope to drive sales and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Increase visibility and engagement with offers.

  • Display prominent offers at the top of the page.

  • Banner or star symbolising top offers within software applications or systems.

DDS4U has the feature to Display your Offers on top of the page.

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Offers-to-display-on-top Offers-to-display-on-top

Notifications Bar Display

Special instant offers can be displayed on top of the page to attract more sales, or to inform instant messages for all users. Option to display on selected pages in admin settings. "Notification Bar Display" refers to a user interface element that appears at the top of a web page or application screen to provide important messages, alerts, or updates to users. It grabs user attention and allows quick access to critical information without interrupting the user's current task.

  • Quick access to important messages and updates.

  • Display of alerts or notifications at the top or bottom of the screen.

  • Bell or exclamation mark symbolising notifications within software applications or systems.

DDS4U Offers the facility of instant notification to all users of the platform in your business.

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notification-bar-display notification-bar-display