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In-App Advertisement Space

In App Advertisement Space" refers to designated areas within a software application where advertisements can be displayed to users. This feature allows users to monetize their apps by serving ads, providing additional revenue streams, while users may encounter targeted or relevant advertisements tailored to their interests or behaviours.

  • Priority Branding of your Business with targeted customers..

  • Designated areas within the app for displaying ads.

  • Ad banner symbolising in-app advertising opportunities within software applications.

DDS4U Offers In App Advertisers with huge branding of their business.

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in-app-advertisement-space in-app-advertisement-space

Discount Booklet

A discount booklet from various businesses, for your customers is a marketing tool that can be used to increase customer loyalty and repeat business. By offering this you incentivise your customers to return to your store or website. This booklet can be integrated in your website through API features and serves as a tangible benefit for being a valued customer. 

  • Save money with exclusive discounts.

  • Collect multiple discounts in a single booklet.

  • Booklet with a price tag symbolising discounts within software applications or systems

DDS4U Offers Discount Booklet for your Customers Satisfaction and Retention.

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discount-booklet discount-booklet

Self Managed Advertisements

"Self Managed Advertisements" allow advertisers to independently create, monitor, and optimise their ad campaigns without direct intervention from a third party. This feature empowers advertisers to control their advertising efforts, target specific audiences, and effectively, enhancing campaign flexibility and efficiency.

  • Empowers advertisers to control ad campaigns independently.

  • Allows creation, monitoring, and optimization of ads.

  • Advertisers manage ad campaigns symbolising independence and control in advertising efforts within software applications or systems.

DDS4U Offers Self Managed Advertisement Spaces to Promote Your Business.

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self-managed-advertisements self-managed-advertisements

Social Media Posters

"Social Media Posters Designed" refers to the creation of visually appealing graphics or images specifically tailored for sharing on social media platforms. This service typically includes designing posters, banners, or other visual assets optimised for social media use, helping businesses enhance their online presence and engage their audience effectively.

  • Enhances online presence and engagement on social media.

  • Creation of visually appealing graphics for social media sharing.

  • Graphic design elements symbolising social media posters within software applications or systems, facilitating effective online communication and marketing efforts.

DDS4U Offers Weekly one social media poster designed & delivered for your business for Business Plan customers.

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Social-Media-Posters Social-Media-Posters

Video to Promote Your Business

"Video to promote your Business" involves creating engaging visual content to showcase products, services, or brand identity. This promotional tool effectively communicates key messages, highlights unique selling points, and captivates audiences, ultimately driving brand awareness, customer engagement, and conversions for businesses across various platforms.

  • Drives brand awareness and customer engagement.

  • Creation of engaging visual content to showcase products or services.

  • Video camera symbolising promotional videos, facilitating effective marketing and communication strategies for businesses across platforms.

DDS4U Offers one promotional video for your business for Business Plan Customers

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Video-to-Promote-Your-Business Video-to-Promote-Your-Business