Service Contractor



Download DDS4U app and click “ Join as Service Contractor “



In the Registration page enter all your details along with ORG code which you intend to join ( For Example: Darshan Driving School - Org Code is DDS )



After Registration, OTP will be sent and validate your account. Then Click Your Profile Icon


Enter Details

Enter all details in Personal, Present Address, Billing Address, Pay account ( PayPal and Bank Details ), Documents ( Upload Required documents ) Profile Pic and Request Access ( Check your Intended org is getting displayed )

Select the services

Select the Services

Switch to Org Toggle and select the services / packages which you are able to provide and save, then enter the Regions and fill the details of postcodes which you are able to provide services.

Calendar Settings

Calendar Settings

Go to “My Calendar” page and click on the settings icon. Define your availability for each day in the calendar settings. Any day you are not available leave it blank.